SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 GA 13.7.2018

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, a multimodal operating system, is now generally available.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 marks a milestone. It is the next major release since SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 in 2014. SLES 15 helps you move your customers along the path of digital transformation. Use this opportunity to certify your applications so you are well positioned for many years to come.

Key features your customers get include:

  • Common Code Base. All SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 products share the same code base across all architectures. Packages are built using the same source code to ensure consistency and improve application portability across a multimodal IT environment.
  • Modular+. With Modular+ architecture, everything is a module. Adding new functionality is easy, and updates and patches are available right away.
  • Unified Installer. The new Unified Installer simplifies IT operations. Download just one Unified Installer to install all SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 products.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing 15 is launched as a separate product to address the growing compute and scale needs of high performance workloads for modeling, simulation and advanced analytics.